Best Cam for Stock Twin Cam 88

One of the best engines you can get out there from Harley Davidson is the Twin Cam 88. They are designed in such a way that they put out great horsepower and excellent efficiency. Now, to get the best performance out of this engine, you might start looking for a good cam.

That’s why to help you out in that endeavor; we bring you the best cam for a stock twin cam 88 engine. You can choose any one of them to suit your needs. So, without wasting much time, let’s get right into it.

Top 5 Cam for Harley Davidson Stock twin cam 88

These cams are some of the compatible and effective choices you can find out there. These will work out for you quite well.

MBS MFG Harley Davidson TC 88 Twin Cam

The best thing about this cam is the compatibility aspect of it. It’s surely compatible with TC88, but along with that, you can use it on 96, 103, 110 as well. Now, that’s a bonus you might not have expected. Whether the model is old or new, it doesn’t matter when you get this cam.

Aside from the compatibility factor, you get some other features on this one as well. First of all, comes the upgrades on this one. The upgrades on this cam make the whole installation a lot easier and comfortable. Also, it saves up quite a lot of time for you.

Worried about durability? Well, no need to worry about that when you have this cam. It is sure to give you long-lasting performance for years to come.

You can say goodbye to all the hassle of removing the old bearings and inserting the new ones. Because the T pin you get with this cam helps you install new bearings without too much effort and does the job with perfect accuracy.


  • This is a great cam you get within an affordable price
  • The upgrades on the cam make the performance much more efficient
  • You get excellent durability from the cam, which is something to love about this one
  • It’s very easy to install and doesn’t cause any discomfort
  • With the T pin, you can install and remove bearings easily and accurately


  • This one doesn’t come with an instruction manual, so it’s not the best for beginners out there.

S&S Cycle 509G Gear Drive Touring Cam Kit

Do you want the sturdiest performance from your Harley engine? Then getting this cam will be your first step towards that for sure. With this cam kit, you can get your dream performance from your Harley Davidson engine every time you start it up.

With this cam kit, the torque performance you get is super-efficient. Using this kind of efficiency, you can expect to go miles and miles without worrying about engine failure. And with a max of 4500 rpm, you can reach the ultimate performance your engine offers.  

Coming to the compatibility factor of this cam, you simply have nothing to complain about. It supports touring bikes as well as cruiser bikes. And if you have a bike that is a model from 1999 to 2006, you have nothing to worry about at all.

What you will love the most is the easy-to-follow instruction it has got. The whole kit is designed so that you don’t have to put too much effort into installing it in your engine.

Lastly, this is a cam kit that is very pleasing to the eyes. You can see the silver steel color and construction, and the design are also very attractive with all the gear wheels and stuff. All of this makes it the best cam for Tc88 Harley touring.


  • The cam is very attractive to look at with a nice finish and color.
  • All the tools you get in the cam it is of the highest quality
  • The instruction manual on this cam is so easy to follow that you shouldn’t have any trouble installing it at all
  • You get great efficiency from the torque performance of your cam
  • The durability of this cam shift will leave you satisfied for a long time


  • This is a pretty expensive cam kit.
  • It has a loud noise that may be annoying to you.

MBS MFG Harley Davidson Twin Cam Dyna Inner Cam Bearing Tool

This one is pretty similar to the first one we discussed here. Only it’s a different model, and the functionality you get from this one is slightly different from the other one. As for quality, there is no compromise whatsoever.

Whether you have to remove old bearings or install new ones, this one can do that job flawlessly. It doesn’t need too much effort to use this cam-bearing tool. It’s pretty straightforward to use, which makes it a great choice for beginner users as well.

Even though you can find it easier to use cams than this one, they also lack quality with simplicity. Whereas with this one you get the highest of quality ensured in your usage. You don’t need to be worried about damaging the cam in any way at all.

Now, the real concern about cams is compatibility, but this one takes that away as well. It’s compatible with all the tc88s out there using the b148 bearings. It will even remove any bearing from Dyna Harleys and older twin cams.

And lastly, for your reassurance, it’s made in the United States. So, there is nothing to question about the quality of these cams whatsoever.


  • It’s a high-quality cam that you can use in any of your Tc88s.
  • Using the tool is pretty straightforward, and it doesn’t involve any complications.
  • This tool works very well and does what it’s supposed to do flawlessly
  • You can do both the installation and removal processes effortlessly with this one
  • It comes with great durability that delivers long-lasting performance


  • They could improve the install adapter
  • It may damage the bearings you are removing, so they become unusable

MBS MFG Harley Davidson TC88 OLDER Inner

Not feeling like spending a whole lot of money for cam bearing? Then this can be a great pick for you because it’s affordable and durable at the same time. Plus, the performance and quality are there to get your job done as well.

Starting, you get compatibility for every TC88 from 99 to 2006. It fits every single one of those bikes with sheer perfection. And you don’t have to struggle time and time again; you will get it in a single try.

The most useful part about this one is the easy-to-understand instruction manual. It’s very simple and well written, so you can follow along with this pretty well. And you don’t need to worry about any complicated parts either, because everything is simplified for you in the manual.

As for the quality, this is made in the USA, so quality is a must you get on this. All the materials are of very high quality, and the coating of black oxide just makes it last for a long time.

Now, this small kit comes with great efficiency, which you love to have in these tools. And the best part is the affordability even with that kind of performance. You don’t need to pay a lot to get quality and performance; this cam proves that statement.


  • This is a very affordable cam for stock twin cam.
  • It’s compatible with all TC88’s starting from 1999 to 2006.
  • It comes with a simple instruction manual for easy usage
  • The durability aspect of this one is very much commendable
  • You get great efficiency from this one for quick and accurate installation


  • It doesn’t work with the 2006 Dyna models.


Are you worried about the compatibility of your next cam tool? Then you should look at this one because you will have no questions regarding compatibility on this. It works on any Harley Davidson TC engine from 1997 to anything till date.

You can feel the high quality of this one just from the looks and finish of it. With the black oxidized finish, you get a great and smoother-looking tool. And you get durability intact from the quality materials used in making this one.

The benefit you get from using this one is that you can adjust the tension of the primary chain. This allows having a constant tension that helps in shifting gears a lot. Also, you will be able to lower the noise you get from shifting. All in all, your ride becomes a lot smoother after using this on your engine.

Once you know how to use this one, you will love the experience. It’s fairly effortless after you figure out the usage of this tool. This can be very efficient and time-saving for any kind of work you do.

Lastly, you won’t be spending a lot to get all the features and functionalities you will be getting on this one. So, it’s a value-for-money tool you can get without any second thoughts.


  • It has got great looks and finishes with durability intact.
  • Using this one becomes effortless after you figure it out
  • You can adjust the tension of the chain for a smoother ride experience
  • This comes at a reasonable price tag, so it’s worth your money
  • There is no issue for incompatibility for any TC engine from 1997 to the present time


  • It doesn’t come with a proper instruction manual
  • This is only compatible with twin cams

Buying Guide

When you are out there trying to buy the best cam for your twin cam 88, you must look be careful. You have to look into several factors so that your decision doesn’t end up being wrong. You will have to consider the following factors before you buy a cam for your Harley Davidson engine.

  1. Compatibility of the components

The first thing to make sure of for a cam is its compatibility. If it’s not compatible, then it won’t even work, and you will be wasting all the money on something useless. That’s why make sure you are buying a cam that is compatible with the model of your bike.

The most important compatibility factor will be fit. If the cam doesn’t fit the components, you can even start using it on your engine. You have to make sure that the cam is compatible with your stroke, valve size, and bore.

Other than that, you also have to make sure that the horsepower and torque capability match your bike’s potential. If it doesn’t match then, you won’t get the results you desire from them.

  1. Efficiency and accuracy

You will need a cam that is very efficient and works accurately. This way, you will get the best possible performance from your Harley Davidson bike. You will want something that doesn’t require too much time to work and is very effortless to use.

  1. Torque

Usually, a Harley Davidson tc88 will have a low-end torque. So, you will be looking for a cam that can facilitate the feature of that engine. However, getting the most boost in horsepower isn’t always the solution.

You have to consider all the ins and outs of your engine and find out the horsepower capability. This will all boil down to the torque your cam can produce and your engine torque.

  1. Price

Aside from these, you can also consider the prices of the cams you see. Spending on a quality cam will cost you quite a lot if you use your bike a lot for long and heavy rides. Also, you will get the most benefit from that.

However, for a lighter upgrade, you can opt for an affordable option. You can still find some quality options within your budget that works well for you.

Aside from these, there aren’t many considerations you need to make for the best cam. You get great quality cam considering only these factors.


Here are some questions that pop up every once in a while about the best cam for twin cam 88-

  • How much horsepower does a Twin Cam 88 have?

Usually, a twin-cam 88 has horsepower that goes around the ’70s. With some boosting, you can take it up a lot more. But the usual horsepower is around the ’70s.

  • Is the twin cam 88 a good motor?

The twin-cam 88 is essentially not a bad motor to have. It’s still quite good in performance. However, there are several problems that you may face with this motor.

  • How many miles is a Twin Cam 88 Good For?

The twin-cam 88 is good for about 200,000 miles in general. But if you go through proper maintenance, then you can get around 500,000 miles.

  • Is a Twin Cam 88 an Evo?

No, the Evo and twin cam are two different types of engines used in Harley Davidson bikes. They have different builds and features.

  • Why are Harleys so underpowered?

Harleys are underpowered because they are considered lower rpm bikes. As a result, they don’t have too much rpm and torque either. Their heavy engines give them low-end torque.

  • Are Harley 96 and 103 heads the same?

Yes, both these heads are the same, and they have the same chamber size and valve.


To sum it up, getting the best cam for stock twin cam 88 comes down to compatibility. With the cams we have listed, you won’t have to worry about compatibility at all. As for the quality, they come with great quality and performance throughout.

If you want the most premium performance, then S&S Cycle 509G Gear Drive Touring Cam Kit is the best kit for you. But if you are looking for performance and affordability, then MBS MFG Harley Davidson TC 88 Twin Cam should be your pick.

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