Best Dexron VI Transmission Fluids in 2022

A crucial part of your car maintenance is changing transmission fluid every once in a while. It helps your car run smoothly and gives you a satisfying performance without any issues. 

Now, if you have a car that needs Dexron-type transmission fluid, then you are in luck. Because here, we will be going through the best Dexron VI transmission fluid you can find. 

Dexron-type transmission fluid is the perfect solution for any GM transmissions. They are synthetic in type, so you can expect high-quality performance and reap all the benefits of the transmission fluid. 

Let’s check out some of the top choices for Dexron VI transmission fluid-

Top 5 Automatic Dexron VI Transmission Fluids

We went through extensive research to find out the highest quality of Dexron VI transmission fluid. These all come with the right kind of consistency and provide you peak performance from your transmission. Here they are-

#1 ACDelco 10-9395 Dexron VI Transmission Fluid

Experience the smoothest shifting of your gears never like before with this transmission fluid. And for your GM, you couldn’t ask for anything better than this. The price you pay for this does complete justice as well. 

Whether you have an old GM or a new one, you won’t have to worry; this works very well on both. Just drain out all the used transmission fluid and fill up with this one. 

Coming to the mileage factor, you will be more than satisfied with the results. This gives you excellent mileage coverage and saves up your money quite a lot. And the more you go on with it, the better it gets. 

The talking point of this transmission fluid has to be the smooth shifts you get from this. Once you fill up your transmission with this fluid, you can instantly notice the smoothness in shifting. That also comes along with longevity. 

Even with all that good stuff, you don’t have to pay a whole lot of money for this fluid. This comes at an affordable price, with top-quality performance ensured for your GM. 


  • This fluid comes with a longer lifespan due to being full synthetic transmission fluid. 
  • You will get excellent results in terms of shifting when you put this one in your transmission. 
  • It has got great foam and aeration control with oxidation resistance that gives you better performance. 
  • Once you use this, you are sure to get better fuel economy without any doubts. 
  • The affordability of this fluid makes this one a worthy choice. 


  • You can’t use this one instead of a Dexron III. It doesn’t support backward compatibility. 
  • Castrol – 15B1A0-6PK ransmax Dexron VI ATF.

#2 Castrol – 15B1A0-6PK ransmax Dexron VI ATF

If you are looking for something of a synthetic blend in your Dexron VI, this can be a great option. The quality you get from this transmission fluid is impressive in every factor.
Starting with the friction durability. You will love the enhancement of friction durability. This will surely take your shifting performance to the next level.

It’s not just about Dexron VI with this fluid. Even with the previous versions of Dexron, you can use this as an alternative. Whether it’s Dexron-III or H or II, you can replace them with this one for better performance.
That brings us to the longevity factor. Well, you won’t face any issues with the transmission life because of the sludge resistance it offers. So, that’s always a relief you will have with this fluid.
As for shifting, you will notice a significant difference, especially in cold weather. Even when your motors are working the hardest, your transmission will keep up with this fluid inside. , That becomes possible because of the synthetic blend on this fluid.


  • With the synthetic blend, you can be relaxed even in the coldest weather conditions. This one shifts and performs great all year round. 
  • The friction durability enhancement you get with this one is surely impressive. 
  • You get backward compatibility with this one. This means you can use this one instead of the previous Dexron versions. 
  • It offers sludge resistance which leads to better longevity for your transmission fluid. 
  • This one has got certification and approval from GM, so you can rely on this without having any second thoughts. 


  • I may have some shifting issues in the beginning when it’s cold.
  • It has a lower drain interval than any full synthetic blend. 

#3 Ultralub Full Synthetic ATF Dexron VI Multi-Vehicle

If you want to load up on your transmission fluid supply, then you should get on with this. It comes as a 5-gallon deal with 19L of fluid inside. And for the price, it’s the very best thing you can get. 

When you get this fluid for your car, you won’t need to worry too much about the drain intervals because this one comes with excellent oxidation resistance that provides you longer draining intervals for the fluid. 

Do you have issues with wear, corrosion, or sludge in your fluid? Then you can try this one out for sure. Because of the better life formula on this fluid, you can get protection against any harmful deposits whatsoever. 

The viscosity you get on the fluid is the same as some high-end pricey Dexron VI you can find. Even the heating element of the fluid can stay in competition with some high-quality fluids. 

Coming to the best part of this fluid, it’s packed with performance, quality and affordability. The combination of these three features makes this one a great choice to go with. 


  • The quality of the fluid is top-notch and competes with some of the best top-end transmission fluids out there. 
  • With great oxidation resistance, you can expect longer drain intervals for your transmission. 
  • It gives excellent protection against wear, sludge, corrosion, or any harmful deposit. 
  • Comes with official approval of all kinds of general motors. 
  • Great value for money. You get the best of quality and performance at a reasonable price on this one. 


  • It’s full synthetic transmission fluid, so it comes at a higher price tag.   

#4 Mobil 1 Transmission Fluid – Dexron-VI

It doesn’t matter how many aftermarket items you have installed in your car; you can still expect smooth shifting with this one. And along with that, it offers you so much more. 

The quality you get with this one is excellent. It has got synthetic blend, so you can expect this to be more of a cost-effective solution for your transmission fluid. This makes it a good choice for someone who is looking to save up some bucks. 

While it’s cost-effective doesn’t mean it lacks in quality. It still works great for your transmission and works wonders in some cases. It comes with noticeable thermal stability along with improved oxidation.

Speaking of quality, it won’t disappoint you. This one has got great frictional components that work together to provide you smooth shifting capabilities. It also helps prevent vibration in the transmission. 

A noticeable performance boost of this fluid comes in a low temperature. You can surely see the difference in the performance when you compare this to other fluids at a lower temperature.


  • It’s a very affordable transmission fluid for your car transmission. 
  • You get the excellent quality that will give you complete satisfaction. The shifting gets smoother when you put this one inside. 
  • This one shines in low-temperature conditions, and you get to see the top-notch performance. 
  • Even with a load of aftermarket parts on your car, you can expect a smooth shift of gears using this fluid. 
  • It has great protection against any harmful deposits such as sludge or corrosion.


  • It’s a synthetic blend which makes it perform less than full synthetic transmission fluid. 
  • The drain interval is much lower than any full synthetic fluid. 

#5 Triax Global Full Synthetic ATF 122

If you are worried about compatibility with your transmission fluid, this can be a good start. Whether you need a Mercon or Dexron or Honda fluid, it doesn’t matter because this one works universally.

Coming to the quality aspect of this fluid, you are in for a surprise. Because the viscosity of this one surpasses many other quality transmission fluids out there. 

This fluid gives an excellent smooth shift in your transmission. When you use this one, it will keep the temperatures a lot lower than usual. With some impressive performance, it will leave you satisfied all the way. 

The best part of the transmission fluid is that you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Also, the price you pay for this transmission fluid is worth every penny. Great for anyone who is looking for an affordable choice. 

Longevity on this fluid is quite impressive. You can expect a lot of miles once you get this in your transmission.


  • This is a universal transmission fluid that works with most of the transmissions out there. You will hardly have any compatibility issues. 
  • The kind of quality you get on from this fluid is easily comparable to many other high-end fluids that are more expensive. 
  • The affordability factor of this fluid makes it a choice to check out. 
  • It comes with top-notch performance with great smoothness in shifting. 
  • The longevity aspect of the fluid can exceed expectations. 


  • It doesn’t have any protection against sludge or other harmful deposit. 
  • You have to go through several gallons for a proper flush .

Buying Guide

Before you move onto buying your transmission fluid, there is a lot to consider here. Below are some of the factors that you should consider before buying Dexron VI transmission fluid- 

  • Type of fluid: The first thing to know is what type of transmission fluid you are getting. There are usually two types that you can get. It’s either a full synthetic or synthetic blend for Dexron VI transmission fluids. 

A full synthetic blend will have a better performance boost, better fuel efficiency, smoother shifting, and longer transmission life. On the other hand, a synthetic blend will be a cost-effective solution but doesn’t excel in the other features. 

  • Compatibility: Here, you have to check if they are compatible with your vehicle or not. Usually, Dexron VI fluids are meant for any GM transmission out there. Most of them should also come with backward compatibility, which means you can use this instead of Dexron III or any other version. 

Also, you have to consider the type of transmission you have. The Dexron VI is meant for automatic transmissions only. 

  • Brands: Most of the time, quality comes from branded fluids. And you can hardly go wrong with any branded transmission fluid. Some of the popular brands to keep in mind are Castrol, Valvoline, Pennzoil, Mobil, etc. Also, in some cases, your particular transmission will only work with a particular brand of transmission fluid. 
  • Longevity: This is a crucial point to consider because you don’t want to keep buying transmission fluids. So, go for the ones that provide better longevity and last longer than the other ones. 
  • Price: You should always consider the pricing of the transmission fluid. Because in reality, there isn’t much difference in the quality and performance of the transmission fluids. 


Here are some common questions people ask about Dexron VI transmission fluid- 

Q1-What is Dexron vi transmission fluid?

A: Dexron is a type of transmission fluid that is mostly used in general motor transmissions. The Dexron VI is a version of Dexron transmission fluids that are usually compatible with most old and new GM transmissions. They mostly come as a synthetic blend or full synthetic. 

Q2-Is all dexron VI the same? And Can you mix one Dexron with another?

A: No, not all Dexron VI the same. They can be a synthetic blend, or they can be fully synthetic. To answer the latter question, yes, you can mix one Dexron with another. But you can only mix and use the ones that are backward compatible, which means you can use them in the past models of vehicles. 

Q3-Is all Dexron VI transmission fluid synthetic?

A: According to the authentic Dexron VI specifications, they should be synthetic for sure. While some of them are full, synthetic other ones are synthetic blends. 

Q4-What is Dexron VI compatible with?

A: Dexron VI is compatible with any GM transmission out there. Other than that, it’s compatible with a lot of other brands and models of transmissions as well. Most of the Dexron VI should have backward compatibility, which means they should work on new and old transmissions. 

Q5-What is the difference between Dexron III and Dexron VI?

A: Dexron VI is a better and upgraded version of Dexron III. You can use Dexron VI on a Dexron III compatible vehicle, but you can’t go the other way around. Dexron VI provides more aeration, better stability, better oxidation, and smoother shifting. 

Q6-Can I use Dexron VI for power steering fluid?

A: You can get this information from the label of a Dexron VI. It states there that it can’t be used as a power steering fluid or manual transmissions. Until now, there is no validation of whether you can use it as a PSF or not. 

Final Words

All in all, finding the best Dexron VI transmission fluid will come down to trial and error. Because many times things go differently. Some particular fluid may work for others and not for you. 

If we consider the quality and overall benefits, then Ultralub Full Synthetic ATF Dexron VI Multi-Vehicle is a great option you can try out. And if you are looking for something universal, then Triax Global Full Synthetic ATF 122 is a good choice as well. 

Aside from these two, all the other one’s come with extremely high quality. But if it’s something specialized, you now have the idea to get the one you need. 

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