Best Jack Stands for Pinch Welds for your Vehicle

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to use jack stands for your pinch welds? 

If so, then you know how dangerous it can be. Pinch welds are located between the car’s door and its frame; this area is very susceptible to dents when using regular jack stands. Jack Stands for Pinch Welds provide a safe place to stand while changing tires or performing any other service on your vehicle.

In today’s article, we will review the best Jack Stands for Pinch Welds on the market. We will go over their features and benefits as well as any drawbacks.

Our Top Jack Stand List of 2022

To make things easier, here’s a list of our favorites and reasons they made it onto our list:

#1 ESCO 10498 Jack Stand Review

The 10498-model jack stands from the brand ESCO has a huge reputation for its quality. Its primary built material is steel and can take up to a 3-ton load. However, for the powder-coated finish on the steel all over, the rush will not be a problem.

Every car does not have the same height. So, the most important feature that offers ESCO is the height positions. This one allows adjustment of 13 to 21 inches tall. So, make sure your car will meet the minimum support height at least.

When you are under a vehicle, there is always a question about the stability of the thing that holds up everything. ESCO 10498 doesn’t let you worry about it. It’s not an issue if you have any rigid surface or tiles or wood; its tripod-designed stand with large round feet provides enhanced stability anywhere.

Most of the jack stands have a v-shaped hook which might not be available in many vehicles. But this particular one’s top rubber pad structure solves this issue. Also, it protects against getting scratched paint. However, in a rare case, the rubber part may tear. The rubber pad is removable, and you can see the metal part under it.

This product has pin locks of a small diameter, making it hard to hold the locks wearing fat gloves.

ESCO 10498 does not come in pairs. Each unit has a single piece. You can also use it for large vehicles. You just need to make sure you use a comfortable number of ESCO jacks.

At a glance:

  • Power coated rust-proof steel body.
  • The height adjustment range is 13 to 21 inches (approx).
  • A round top structure that has a rubber pad for universal grip.
  • Pin lock system.
  • 3-tons load capacity.

#2 BIG RED T43004 Torin Aluminum Jack Stands

Aluminum jack stands cannot win over steel or iron stands. But in our research, we found that some of them are worth considering. The only aluminum jack stand on this list comes from Torin, one of the oldest and most popular manufacturers in the market.

You can get a great advantage from the aluminum material. It will not rust in whatever weather you keep it. And the base is also removable. So, you can simply store it in a small space anywhere in your garage.

These stands are, of course, very lightweight and easy to care for. This particular model has an attractive look with a red finish body. The T43004 has also passed ASME safety standards. And, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.

Its solid built quality offers perfect stability and does not let you question its high-grade aluminum. These stands have a minimum support height of about 11 inches, and the maximum is nearly 16 inches. The load capacity is 3-tons.

The stand comes in the box as the base and top are detached. You can simply attach both using the given screw.

The only concern is that its base is wide hexagonal shaped. Though it has a well-built aluminum base, some users still lack confidence about the stability level.

At a glance:

  • Manufactured by top brand.
  • Rust-proof aluminum frame.
  • The height adjustment range is 11 to 16 inches (approx).
  • 3-tons load capacity.
  • Removable and hexagonal-shaped foot.
  • Red finish attractive design.
  • Passed ASME standard.
  • One-year manufacturer warranty.

#3 Performance Tool W41021 2 Ton

Car owners often prefer this Performance tool 2-ton jack for small cars. It is a pretty famous one for small cars.

This particular model can take a maximum load of 2 tons. However, its lift range is pretty lower, which is around 10 inches to 16 inches.

The efficiency of this jack stand for pinch welds is still top-notch. These stands have a steel body and strong holding capability. So, you can easily use it for light vehicles that make it a value-for-money stand.

Safe-locking rachet is designed for safe, controlled lifting of heavy loads and provides improved operator safety. The double-locking pin ensures the load cannot accidentally roll or shift during moving or positioning. 

The oversized saddle of the jack stand improves fork placement on the load and allows access to all four sides of a pallet.

Another fact we love about the jack stand is that it’s made of powder-coated steel. As a result, it’s weather-resistant and won’t corrode or rust in any condition.

However, this 2-ton jack stand is not recommended to be used for heavy cars or trucks.

At a glance:

  • Manufactured by top brand.
  • Load capacity is 2-tons.
  • The lift range is approx 10 to 16 inches.
  • Powder-coated steel and rust-resistant.
  • Recommended for light vehicles.

#4 Torin AT43002AB Steel Jack Stand

Here we go again to talk about another jack stand from Torin. The model number is AT43002AB.

This product is completely black color coated which looks excellent. It comes with a double locking feature that will help to lift vehicles and ensure more safety. The locking pins fit easily. In addition, its removable locking support pin increases the safety way more.

This 3-ton jack stand is constructed of durable steel that confirms a long lifespan. No users have complained about any rusting issue.

In terms of stability, this jack stand is top-notch for pinch weld. In addition, the large foot base can help to hold the cars securely. Its measurement is 7-11/16″ x 6-7/8″.

Torin’s this model has a dual-purpose handle. It might be used as a carry handle and saddle column release as well.

At a glance:

  • Popular brand.
  • A steel-made black color stands.
  • Load capacity is 3 tons.
  • Large foot base.
  • Dual-purpose handle.

Quick Tip: Never use a damaged stand. Because when you are working underneath a car, that might drop on you. 

#5 Omega Lift Heavy Duty 6 Ton Jack Stand

The only beast on this list. This heavy-duty jack stand comes from Shinn Fu Company of America manufacturer. It comes in a pair that serve the wide foot base. The jack stand is manufactured with sturdy stamped steel. It gives the stand enough strength and tight support.

The minimum height is 16 inches and can be extended to about 23 inches. The 6-ton jack stand can handle a decent range of vehicles, such as small cars, SUVs, and also light-duty trucks, thanks to its higher lifting range.

The wide pyramid foot base supports your vehicle with extra power and keeps it in a stable condition. In addition, its high-quality ductile iron ratchet bar’s sawtooth allows a quick and smooth height adjustment.

This stand has a special feature of double-locking pins that provide extra safety along with a handle lock. It meets or exceeds ANSI/PALD standards.

If you are searching for solid jack stands for heavy uses, Omega Lift can be your best bet. It can hold your car with extra power for its stable foot base and heavy-duty steel. So, no chance for the car to drop on you!

However, don’t fall into false reviews. In some reviews, you may find that this product comes with a capacity of 6 tons each and 12 tons in total.  This product has another variant which has the capacity of 3 tons each and 6 tons in total.

At a glance:

  • High load capacity.
  • The lift range is about 16 to 23 inches.
  • Double-locking pins.
  • Pyramid-shaped wide foot base.
  • Recommended for heavy trucks and cars.

#6 Pro-LifT Double Pin 3 Ton Jack Stand

This product comes from Pro-LifT, one of the oldest manufacturers of automotive products.

The particular T-6903D model is capable of holding a 3-tons weight without any issue. Let’s know more details about it.

This stand has a complete steel construction. With handle locks, there are safety pins that provide extra protection. In case you may mistakenly mode the handle, the vehicle will not crush on you.

Pro-LifT has a heavy-duty cast iron ratchet bar with a sturdy steel base. It ensures durability and longevity, making it ideal for rough and tough use in auto garages or truck service for the long term.

The height adjustment system is smooth. Its minimum lift height is 11 inches, and the maximum height is around 16 inches.

However, welding on the top looks is a bit disappointing. Some consumers found the lower base material damaged. Some consumers also complain about the paint. So, it may be an issue about the corrosion in long-term use. Make sure you check these out upon receiving the product.

At a glance:

  • Renowned brand.
  • The Max load limit is 3-tons.
  • Iron ratchet bar and steel base.
  • The lift height range is between 11 to 16 inches.

#7 BIG RED Torin Steel 3 Ton Jack Stand

The Torin BIG RED T43202 jack stand is made of top-grade steel that confirms durability due to a welded frame design.

This steel stand can lift to 3 tons or 6000 lb capacity. The wide pyramid foot base provides extra strength and stable support. However, the base is not removable.

The muti-position ratchet bar of these jack stands is sawtooth designed. This helps to adjust heights swiftly that lock into place. 

The design of these stands may seem to be old-fashioned. But it can cope up with many vehicles, including light trucks, cars, and SUVs. In addition, it meets the safety standard of ASME.

Some advertisements about these stands may be misleading for you. For example, advertisements may say it comes with a double lock feature which is not valid.

At a glance:

  • Popular manufacturer.
  • 3-tons load capacity.
  • Ideal for light trucks and small cars.
  • No double-lock feature.

Quick Tip: Don’t wait for the first try. Check your new high lift jack stands right after you receive those. Ensure that everything is working fine.

Buying Guide for Jack Stands for Pinch Welds

Above we talked about some of the best jack stands for pinch welds in the market. Torin and Pro-Lift are the top brands on our list. But will they be the best one for you? Well, it depends on your use cases, budget, and features you expect for the stand.

This buying guide will help you to make the right choice of pinch weld jack stands. These are lifting height, weight capacity, and build quality.

1. Knowing the Car Height is Important for Convenience

All the cars are not the same in size. So, most of the jack stands have a height adjustment feature. Also, all the jack stands are not compatible with lifting a vehicle at the same height. So, you should know the right height for your car to get to the workspace.

Most of the jacks will work fine when the automotive is smaller. But, vehicles like trucks need to be lifted higher. So those require separate jacks.

2. Weight Capacity is Crucial for Safety

Remember, SAFETY FIRST! The same point goes for the weight capacity feature. Always buy those stands that can handle the total weight of your car. Sometimes, some designs are only made for a specific vehicle type. So, those jacks can be dangerous to use for other ones.

3. Build Quality Can Save Huge in the Long-run

For saving money and losing risk, build quality is important. For example, if you need to buy a new jack stands every month, it is entirely a waste of money. On the other hand, buying heavy and expensive stands that cost thousands of dollars while your car has a lower requirement is useless.

Our recommendation is to remember some points on build quality: materials, rust-proof, and corrosion resistance.

Below are some other things you might look for while buying a jack stand.

4. Floor Base and Hook Shape

Most of the jack stands are similar; in case, there may be found some minor differences. For example, some have a pyramid floor base, and some have a round shape base. But, for the best stability, you should always go for a jack stand with a wider floor base. 

If your car can be lifted on a “V” shaped hook, then go for it. Because this will provide good support for lifting.

5. Pin Lock vs. Ratchet Lock

Depending on the lock types, there are different car jacks such as pin, ratchet, and screw lock. Pin-style jack stands are more familiar among consumers. It is convenient to use. There will be a straight bar of hooks where you need to insert the pin to lock the jack in the adjusted height. The pin usually is made of steel.

One of the easiest designs is a ratchet lock. Because here, you do not need to have any pin to insert in a hook. You only need to pull up or down the stands. But it’s also one of the most dangerous lock systems. Because it has a high risk of failure due to not having second support, consider buying from a trusted brand. Also, make sure you buy the right one that can support the whole weight of your car.

So, for a fast and safe lock system, you may go for pin-style jack stands.

In the evening line of this buying guide, we want to say, Don’t Fall for the Juicy Ads. You should always be careful that you do no fall into fake advertisements. We have mentioned such cases in our review. If you are not sure about your car’s lifting points, check the manual or consult a car mechanic.

Final Verdict

However, from our list, we can say —

For a budget one, you may consider purchasing from any of those steel-made Torin jack stands. But, if your budget is high and you will use stands for heavy vehicles, you should go for Omega lift heavy-duty 6-ton jack stands.

For lightweight and made of aluminum stands, no doubt, Torin’s aluminum jack stand will be the right choice. And Performance tool 2-ton jack stands are probably found for use on light vehicles or small cars.

When you think about the safety and longevity of your car, it’s important to invest in quality jack stands. It might be difficult to justify the price at first because they are not an item that people typically buy often. Still, once you get a taste of how good these tools make your life easier, then it won’t seem like such a big deal. 

Whether looking for something lightweight or heavy-duty, we have what you’re looking for! So check out our selection today so that when tomorrow comes around, all you’ll need to do is focus on getting dirty instead of worrying about whether or not your vehicle will stay up while working underneath.

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