Edelbrock 1406 vs 1906 Carburetors: Detailed Comparison

When it comes to carburetors for car engines, Edelbrock is a popular name you may come across. Among many of their options, there is always a feud going on which is Edelbrock 1406 vs 1906. 

We will be uncovering all the lore of this feud today. By the end of this article, you will get to know all the differences and similarities between 1406 and 1906. So, let’s get going. 

About Edelbrock: Brand Overciew

Well, if you don’t know about Edelbrock then it’s important to know about them first. Edelbrock is one of the most renowned brands for producing replacement parts for the automotive market. They manufacture the best kind of parts for vehicles starting from fuel systems to carburetors to ignition and what not. 

The company has been making such parts since 1938 and has gained a lot of popularity over the years. They provide their quality products out there through six different locations just in the USA. Other than that, they have their various distribution centers in different places as well. 

Most of their popularity came through making replacement parts for cars like Ford, Chevrolet, Mercury, Lincoln, and so forth. People go for these parts because they are a class above the rest and provide the performance, they advertise with them. This results in getting the trust and faith of people in them. 

They even produce parts for racing cars as well. You can see their logo on several NASCAR racing but they don’t sponsor any racing team. So, you can assume the quality of parts they manufacture. 

All in all, Edelbrock is a brand anyone can trust with their additional car parts requirement. And if you want to upgrade your car to the next level Edelbrock may be the way to go.

Comparison between 1406 and 1906 

Before we take you into the differences between these carburetors let’s get to know about them a little. 

Edelbrock 1406

This is a carburetor you would prefer for more of a street-level performance. It focuses solely on that and gives your engine the required airflow. With the use of this, you get great control over the ignition advance. The complete aluminum body keeps it away from all kinds of distortion. It’s overall a great carburetor for a smooth daily driving experience. 

Edelbrock 1906

Before you even get to praise the performance of this one you will be mesmerized by the looks of it. It has a glossy upper that comes with great durability at the same time. It suits both big-block engines and small block engines which makes this one great for street performance. Also, it doesn’t have any recirculation for the exhaust gas so it will be performing consistently. 

What is the differences between Edelbrock 1906 vs 1406 ?

Now, that we know a little bit about both the carburetors let’s check out the differences and similarities between them. This will help us figure out all the fuss about the feud. 

Edelbrock 1406 Carburetors Edelbrock 1906 Carburetors
It has got a single fuel inlet which gives you the ease of installation.It comes with a double fuel inlet to ensure maximum performance capability for your car. 
1406 has a CFM rating of 600 for giving you sufficient airflow in the engine.  1906 comes with 650 CFM that provides you with a better and powerful experience with a greater throttle response. 
This one has a silver finish on the exterior. It has got a satin finish on the exterior that looks very good. 
With the primary booster, this one gives you smooth acceleration and better drivability. With an annual flow booster on this, you get to have better fuel atomization through reinforcements. 
It has got an electric choke. This one comes with an electric choke.
For a great day-to-day driving experience and also solid street performance this one is a great choice to go with. In combination with all its features, this provides you with efficiency and greater performance throughout your driving experience. It’s a great go-to option for reaching the maximum potential in street performance. 
This one has great compatibility with classic cars and older models. Whether it’s a small block engine or a big block engine this carb is compatible with any of them. 
It has got metering rods that allow it to drain fuels without having to remove the carb itself. 1906 comes with excellent calibration which is something crucial for better street performance. 
This carburetor comes with 3 months warranty. It has got 12 months of warranty which is more than you can ask for. 
The combination of full vacuum ports and time ones is enough for giving you great control over ignition advance. This one free of any kind of exhaust gas recirculation process which gives this great performance and doesn’t affect the cooling process of your engine whatsoever. 

Which one is for which cars?

As you can see there are some similarities and quite a lot of differences between both these carburetors. Which one is better? Well, that remains unknown as they both have their specialties. Choosing one will come down to what car you have. So, let’s check out which one is great for what car. 

Edelbrock 1906 perfect for which cars?

In general, this is a modern age carburetor that suits any kind of small block engine and some big-block engines so you can use this one for such car engines. Aside from that there some particular models that work very well when you install the Edelbrock 1906 in them. 

The 77 Ford 460 reaches the next level when you install this one in that. You get flawless performance from both the engine and the carburetor. Aside from that, it works wonders for Chevy c20 as well. It’s also great for Chevy 350 El Camino. You can get excellent performance with most streetcars.  

Edelbrock 1406 perfect for which cars?

Going for 1406 will be perfect if you have classic cars like Chevy 350. This one works so great on that car that you will be surprised by the results. It will feel like it’s exactly what your car needed. 

Aside from that, you can use this carb for several other street-performing classic cars. A particular one would be a 66 Ford F-100 which is like the easiest car you can spot around you. Along with that, some other hot rods suit this carb quite well. It’s great for small block engines overall. 


What is the best Edelbrock carb for Chevy 350? 

  1. The best Edelbrock carburetor you can get for a 350 Chevy stock engine has to be the Edelbrock 1406 performer. 

Is Edelbrock 1906 a square bore? 

  1. Yes, Edelbrock 1906 is a square bore flange. 

Do Edelbrock carbs have filters? 

  1. Yes, they do have a filter. Usually, it’s placed in the needle and seat assembly. 

Does a carburetor spacer add horsepower? 

  1. Yes, a carburetor spacer does add horsepower. As you install a space you get better insulation which in turn gives you better air to fuel charge. This leads to getting more horsepower. 

Final Words

To sum up, Edelbrock 1406 vs 1906 isn’t that stiff of a competition. It all just boils down to what car you have and what kind of performance boost you are expecting. 1906 is more of a modern and updated carb from Edelbrock which is why it’s a bit better than 1406 in performance. But for certain classic cars, 1406 may be more suitable. So, it’s all about preferences because neither of them lacks in quality and performance.  

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