How much does it cost to install underglow lights?

Do you want to make your car more aesthetic? Then installing an underglow kit on your car can help you achieve that. Imagine driving your car, and colorful lights are glowing from your undercarriage. Now, that will look futuristic and beautiful. Don’t know where to start? Then stick to this article for all the answers. 

Why install underglow?

Should you only install underglow because it will make your car look better? Well, not exactly. Because there are some great advantages and other purposes of installing underglow. Here they are- 

  1. Having underglow lights will make your car more visible at night. So, even in dark areas, there is no risk of accidents. 
  2. They can be helpful for the regular maintenance you need to do under your car. But, in addition, they can work as a light source for that.
  3. You can completely upgrade the looks of your car using an underglow kit. Even the worse looking cars can look incredible with these lights. 

How much does it cost to install underglow kit?

There are lots of things that go into the cost of installation for an underglow kit. Let’s go through them one by one. 

So, the first thing is the underglow kit itself. Usually, they come in different price ranges. With the cheaper ones, you will get a lower range of lights with not-so-great durability. But, they can cost somewhere under $50. These are LED strip lights that are commonly used. 

On the other hand, with something more than $50, you can expect a decent quality of lights. And as you move up with the price, the quality and features keep getting better. For example, they have a top-notch lighting beam and come with great longevity.

Now, depending on what kit you choose, you can get an idea of the cost. However, if you can’t install them yourself and opt for mechanics, you have to pay extra. Again, depending on where you live, it can cost $60 to $300 to install the complete kit with professional hands. 

Is Underglow hard to install? – Can you do it Yourself?

In truth, installing underglow isn’t that hard. You can do it yourself without any trouble, especially if you get the ones with the plug-and-play feature that comes with a 12-volt plug. These are very easy to set up; all you have to do is attach them to your car. And make sure to create a path for the cable connections. It will at most take an hour to do so. 

However, some lights require complex connections. Therefore, installing them might be a bit difficult. Below you will get to know how to install them properly. 

How to install LED lights under your car?

Just follow the steps below to install LED lights under your car- 

  1. First of all, plan a layout for installing the lights on your car. Your goal here should be to keep the light bulbs or strips hidden under the car. 
  2. Next up, gather all the clamps that you got with your underglow kit. The lights usually slide in the clamps, and you will get a secure fit around them. 
  3. Then, take all the tab screws. You should get them with the package; if you don’t, then buy some from a hardware store. Insert those screws in the clamp holes into the bottom of your car frame. Screw it tight using a screwdriver
  4. Once you have set up all the lights, just connect the wires of the lights. You can use some tape to cover the excess wire. 
  5. After that, you have to work on the control box of the kit. Usually, a control box has 3 wires for power, ground, and security. You have to connect the power and ground wires with your car battery and the lights, respectively. You can tape off the other security wire; it’s not that important. 
  6. Lastly, you will have to find a way to keep the control box settled in someplace. Some boxes come with a sticky end, and some come with screws and bolts. Depending on what you have, you can place them where you want and where they won’t be seen. 

Some lights come with even more complicated installation. It’s better to opt for professional installation if that’s the case for your kit. 

Popular car LED underglow Kits

If you are looking for some underglow LED kits, then you can try out the following ones. 

OPT7 Aura Pro Underglow

These underglow lights from OPT7 can be the absolute best choice for your car. It comes with an easy plug-and-play installation, so you don’t have to spend extra money on labor. In addition, it has Bluetooth connectivity and features an app that lets you control the light of the colors. 

You get to enjoy the complete color spectrum from every single light because of the 3 primary color mixtures. And the brightness of every single light is worth mentioning. 

This one features 16 different vibrant colors with unique color customization using the app. Also, they can sync with the music you play; now, that’s a cool feature you can’t deny. It comes with two 48” strips and two 36” strips. 

The best part about any OPT7 lights is the durability factor they provide. It comes with a least 50000 lifetime hours. So, they can last for as long as you need them. 

KORJO Car Underglow Lights

With excellent durability and protection, these lights surely come with a lot of promise. In addition, you can control most of the functionality of this one through the app and Bluetooth connection. 

The thing you want most from underglow lights is the easy installation feature. You get that feature on this one, along with so many other cool features. 

These come with extremely bright colors that will highlight your car even amid a rainstorm. Speaking of rainstorms, these lights are IP68 grade waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about wet roads and rainy drives. 

Another fun feature of this light is the different kinds of effects it comes with, such as skipping, dancing, twinkling, chasing, and so on. Using these effects will make your car stand out even more. 

Coming to the durability factor, they can give you 100 000 hours of service. So, these may be the only lights you will ever need for your car. 


Here are some common questions people ask about underglow lights- 

Q1- Can you get pulled over for Underglow? 

A: Yes, you can get pulled over for underglow. In some areas, underglow lights are illegal. So, using them in such areas will cause various problems. Aside from that, even if these lights are legal in your area, you can get pulled over. If you flash or use different effects on these lights while driving, you can get pulled over. 

Q2- How long does it take to install Underglow? 

A: The plug-and-play installation lights can take somewhere around 1 to 2 hours, depending on your skillset. The complicated ones can take 4 to 5 hours, depending on the difficulty of setting them up. 

Q3- What color Underglow is legal?

A: This may vary from place to place. But in most cases, any light besides solid red, blue, and green is okay, provided underglow lights are legal in your area. 


To sum things up, before even proceeding with the plan of installing underglow lights, check out their legality in your area. As you saw, the installation process or the cost shouldn’t be much of a concern for you. The real concern about underglow lights is their legality. Also, how you use them should be a concern. Try to use them safely, so other drivers don’t get distracted while driving. 

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