How to reset the Reduced Engine Power Light

When you drive your car, you don’t want to see that reduced engine power light sign beeping in front of your eyes. And if you want to fix that, we have got some things lined up for you. So, let’s check out how to reset the reduced engine power light and turn off that warning.

Why does a reduced engine power light turn on?

If you don’t know anything about the reduced engine power light, this is where you begin. A reduced engine power light warns you about the performance of your car. It tells you that your car will not perform to its potential, and the power has been limited to an extent.

When all the smart control units of your car detect any decline in the performance or power of your car, it lights up the warning. The message varies based on your car model and year. You can find what does it mean for your car in the car manual.

Even though you can still drive your car in reduced power, it’s not advisable to do so. It can lead to some serious damage to your car. So, you have to get that fixed asap.

The tricky part here is that the solution to this problem lies at the root of the problem. There are many causes for this issue. And to solve this problem or even reset the reduced power engine light, you will have to go through troubleshooting and fix the problem first.

How to reset the reduced engine power light

There is a way you can reset the reduced engine power light, which is to remove the battery for some time and then reconnect it. But that’s just a consolation for a while because the light will turn back on.

The first step to solve this issue is to fix the problem that’s causing your engine to have reduced power. To do that, you can go through different troubleshooting steps.

This problem can occur from many kinds of issues in your engine. Here are some common issues you may come across.

  • Clutch problems,
  • Throttle position sensor issue
  • Electrical wiring issue
  • Fuel pump problems
  • Transmission speed sensor issue
  • Throttle control unit malfunction
  • Pedal position sensor issue
  • Oxygen sensing unit

These are the only handful of the issues; there are so many other reasons for this problem. So, once you find out the problems through proper diagnostics, you can get rid of that reduced engine power light problem.

Now, you can either rely on professionals for the troubleshooting, or you can do it yourself. There are two ways to try out here. You can use a scanning tool to diagnose the problem, or you can check each part individually.

You have to check the electrical circuits and wiring because that’s the easiest one to solve. You can fix the wires and connection yourself, and you are done. So, go through that first. Then move on to the critical ones like-

  • Checking the sensors and cleaning them.
  • Look out for the throttle and how it responds
  • Check the battery
  • Check your catalytic converter
  • Go through the transmission fluid

In short, go through every possible aspect that can affect your engine. And if you are using a scanner to diagnose the problem, you have to go through the specific diagnostic trouble codes for your car model and year. You can typically find those on technical service bulletins or maybe even your car manual.


To sum up, resetting the reduced engine power light requires a fix of the engine problem. You can find that out and fix it, which will automatically reset the reduced engine power light. If you don’t want to go through much trouble, we recommend opting for professional help. They can solve this issue with ease.

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