How to Unlock SCT x4 Tuner yourself

Are you satisfied with the performance your car is providing? If you are not then let me tell you there is hidden potential in your car that needs some unlocking. And for that purpose, you can use a tuner. 

One of the best tuners you can find out there is SCT X4. However, you have to know how to unlock SCT X4. So, here I will take you through all you need to know about unlocking the SCT X4 tuner yourself. 

What does SCT mean?

SCT stands for Superchips Custom Tuning. It’s the process of tuning your car to get the maximum potential out. It’s essentially a tuning tool that can optimize your vehicle and give it the performance it deserves. 

Using an SCT you can calibrate your engine to get more horsepower, better torque, great throttle response, and firm shifts. In short, you can get the best possible outcome your car can provide through SCT. 

This kind of tuning works with a lot of different cars and models. Whether it’s a Ford or Dodge, you can boost up the performance using SCT. Also, they regularly update their compatibility with different models and cars. 

Can you unlock an SCT tuner?

To answer this question, yes you can unlock your SCT tuner. All you have to do is buy the unlock from SCT. But before we go through that, first understand why and when to unlock an SCT tuner. 

Let’s say you have sold your car while the tuner is still married to it. Here, married refers to being locked. Or you bought a used SCT tuner that is already locked. Now, for further use in these 2 scenarios, you will have to unlock the SCT tuner. 

Here’s how you do it. 

How to unlock the SCT X4 tuner yourself?

Just follow the steps below to unlock your SCT X4 tuner remotely. Keep in mind that, unlocking and resetting are two different things. For resetting the tuner, you may have to send it to SCT. And that will apply a service charge as well. 

Having said that, here are the steps to unlock your SCT X4 tuner- 

  1. First of all, you have to purchase the unlock from SCT. To do that you can visit their official website. Click on the products tab and you will see something called “remote device unlocks”.  
  2. There you have to put the serial number of your device. And click on lookup device. This will take you to a purchase page. 
  3. You have to provide your payment information there and make the payment. After the payment is complete you will receive an email with all the unlock information. 
  4. Now, you have to turn your computer on and open the SCT device updater. You can find this on their website for free. Download that update software and install it. 
  5. Then, plug your tuner in and click on the automatic update check. This will start updating the tuner. 
  6. Once you finish the update your tuner should be unlocked. 

How do I know if my SCT tuner is unlocked?

If you are planning to buy a used SCT tuner then you have to know whether it’s locked or unlocked. It’s fairly simple to find that out. There are two ways to do so. 

You can either plug it into your computer or you can plug it with your truck. Using the computer will be much more convenient because you will be able to see all the information regarding that. All you need is the SCT software that you can get from their website.

Things to Keep in mind before unlocking

Before you unlock your SCT there are some things you have to keep in mind.

  • Only opt for unlocking remotely if you have no longer access to your previous car. If you have access to it then try reverting that back to stock so you won’t need to unlock that. 
  • Remote unlocks aren’t available for all the models out there. So, you have to find out if that works with what you have. 
  • Try contacting SCT before you proceed with any kind of unlocking steps. 
  • The payment is non-refundable. So, be very sure that you want to unlock the tuner. 
  • If your device is already out of five locks then it’s better to send that to SCT rather than trying to unlock it yourself. 

Considering these things are important before you move on ahead with unlocking your tuner. 

SCT x3 vs SCT x4: The differences and Similarities

There are a lot of similarities between the SCT X3 and SCT x4. In terms of performance and functionalities, you won’t find much difference. 

The similarities in functions are that you can get different kinds of tuning through excellent calibration in both of them. Almost all the tuning capabilities are the same. Both the tuners provide you data logging feature. You can get similar kinds of diagnostics and analyses of your vehicle from them. 

However, the X4 comes with some extra benefits. 

The X4 has got gauges that make data logging much easier and convenient. Also, it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity for a better handheld experience and easy installation. It’s smaller, looks cooler, and loads the tunes faster than the X3. And, it’s the newer version of the same range of tuners. So, you get that as well. 

One particular thing about X3 is that it has a lower price with pretty much the same functionalities. That’s a plus point for the X3 when you compare it to X4. 

Is the unlocking procedure of SCT X3 the same as SCT X4?

The unlocking procedure of SCT X3 and SCT X4 isn’t the same. SCT X3 doesn’t come with a remote unlocking feature. So, if you are out of 5 unlocks on your device or it’s still married to a previous vehicle then you have to send it to SCT for unlocking. The service costs around $150. 


Here are some commonly asked questions regarding SCT unlocks- 

Q1- How many unlock on SCT x4?

A: The regular unlock count for any SCT X4 is 5 times. Anything more than that will require a complete reset of the device from SCT themselves. 

Q2- SCT x4 device comm error?

A: The device comm error from your tuner can happen due to a reading failure of the internal memory. Or it can happen if there are some firmware issues. To solve the problem, you can simply connect your device to your computer and open the updater. There you will see device settings and serial number. Then a modal will come that says clearing DCE. That should solve the error. If it doesn’t you can call SCT for further help.  

Q3- How to know how many unlocks left on SCT x4 Tuner?

A: To know how many unlocks are left on your SCT X4 tuner you can plug it into your vehicle or your computer. After plugging in go to the device info section and you will see how many unlocks are left. 


In short, with the proper kind of knowledge and tuning, you can get the best out of your vehicle. And if your vehicle has that potential to get better don’t let it waste. The tuning process is pretty simple once you get the tuner unlocked. So, if you are opting to buy a used tuner or you have sold your vehicle and stuck with a locked tuner now you know how to unlock it. 

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