Magnaflow vs Flowmaster vs Borla: Which Exhaust is Better?

If you require an exhaust for your car, then you may come across a lot of brands. Among many of them, you will typically see 3 names in the list. They are Magnaflow, Flowmaster, and Borla. The reason is that all of these three exhausts come with excellent quality and performance.

Now, the dilemma here is choosing one of them for your particular needs. That’s why we will take you through a complete overview of these three exhausts that will surely help you choose one among them. So, without too much blabbering, let’s get into it. 

Brand Overview 

Before we go through the products, let’s go through the brands first. 

Magnaflow Brand Overview 

Magnaflow is a brand that specializes in providing the best possible exhaust for cars. They have been doing this for more than 35 years and have gained recognition through their commitment. 

The simple goal of Magnaflow is to give their users the best quality, power, and sound they expect from mufflers and exhausts. With their exhausts and mufflers, you can hardly go wrong in terms of quality. The components they use to make each part are just too good to describe. 

A very easy reason to rely on Magnaflow is their promise to deliver a lifetime warranty on their product. They get to do that because of the quality they put out in the market. 

Flowmaster Brand Overview

With a promise to innovate and put out quality, Flowmaster has made a name for itself throughout the years. In their 38 years of journey, they came up with many commendable products to appeal to the users. 

Whenever you need an exhaust or a muffler or air intake or any other parts, you can rely on Flowmaster for their quality. And with their innovative approach towards every product, you may end up with some cool features in some parts. 

Their commitment is producing the highest quality automotive products and implementing the latest technologies in them. 

Borla Brand Overview

When performance and sound are your concern for your exhausts and mufflers, Borla is your answer. They come up with the best kind of exhausts in the world that deliver top performance with incomparable sounds that will surely satisfy anyone craving those. 

They achieve their goals through fine-tuning their products to absolute precision and create new standards for their quality. This has led them to be some of the most innovative automotive parts manufacturers in the US. 

If you are ever having doubts about the durability and performance factor of exhaust, you can go with Borla with your eyes closed. You will never have any issues with these two factors; that is what they ensure all the time. 

Which exhaust is Better? -Magnaflow Vs. Flowmaster Vs. Borla 

Here is the big question: if they all are so great, how would you choose among them? Well, we will be very honest, choosing one of them will be very tough. However, some things come into play when you compare them. So, let’s dive into a bit of comparison among these. 


When it comes to Magnaflow performance-wise, they do pretty well. You get excellent sounds, a great boost in horsepower, a better gas mileage. Along with that, they are highly durable with proper maintenance. 

An upper hand Magnaflow has over any other mufflers is the ease of installation. As they don’t come with many complicated parts, they are very easy to install. So, even if you are not equipped with mechanical knowledge, you can still install them. 

As for the sounds, you will get a much lower and deeper growl coming from a Magnaflow muffler. This brand’s signature sound lets you differentiate between this one and any other muffler. 

Lastly, the pricing on Magnaflow mufflers and exhausts is very competitive. It’s hard to put out prices like these with the level of quality and performance they bring in their products. So, all in all, you will get a very good deal once you opt for this exhaust system. 


The most attractive aspect of any Flowmaster muffler has to be the price they put for their products. Sometimes it will keep you wondering how they are putting out such quality with this kind of pricing. We are trying to say that Flowmaster is a choice if you are looking for something pocket-friendly. 

Now, getting to the sounds of this muffler, you will get flawless sound every time. It comes with a heavy growl that should satisfy your need for a good-sounding muffler. And when your engine is sitting idle, you get to hear that purring to make you want this more. 

These mufflers and exhaust don’t cost much, that doesn’t mean they are cheaply made. You still get great durability and quality materials on the mufflers. You can rely on these for lasting long enough for you to be content with their performance. 

A cool thing about this one is the design that they bring. Many Flowmaster mufflers come with custom craftmanship that fits with perfect precision in your car without any trouble at all. 


What makes Borla mufflers popular is their unique sound and performance aspect. You will get the richest muffler and exhaust sounds coming from these mufflers. Their low rumble can get the attention of anyone and let them know about the presence of Borla. 

Aside from a rich sound, these exhaust systems come with durability like no one else. They provide a lifetime warranty on their products, solely relying on the fact that they are built to last. The parts they use in their mufflers mostly have T-304 grade stainless steel for durability. 

With the addition of a Borla exhaust system in your car, you can expect a significant gain in horsepower. It can go up a least to 10% HP gain no matter what. 

A crucial factor with Borla parts is their reliability. They have been doing these for more than 40 years and constantly getting better, which reassures you of their quality. You will never have to doubt the performance and quality coming from this company. 

Well, as you can see, you can’t make a choice based on the quality of these mufflers. It will come down to the details of them. If you are looking for a budget-friendly, high-performance muffler, you have the Flowmaster with you. 

If you are looking for the best sound and boost in performance, we would say you go for Borla. And if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds, something that’s not high-price neither lack performance, Magnaflow is a great choice to go with. 

Or you can get down to the features of the individual models you go through. That can be a viable option to choose one easily. 


Here are the age-old questions people ask. 

Is Flowmaster exhaust worth the money? 

Answer:  If you are looking for a surprising boost in the performance and sound, maybe it’s not worth the money. But if your car underperforms a lot, then going for Flowmaster may be worth it. 

Is Borla exhaust worth the money? 

Answer:   They most definitely are worth the money you spend. Because you will have no dissatisfaction with the performance, quality, durability, or sound from this exhaust, so, you will get what you are paying for. 

Is Magnaflow exhaust worth the money?

Answer:  Magnaflow exhausts come with a lifetime warranty, good performance boost, decent sounds, and are priced very competitively. So, we would say they are worth the money. 


In short, making choices always comes down to your preferences. Because you can’t see a clear winner among any of the exhausts here. Flowmaster wins when it comes to pricing, Borla wins when it comes to functionality and performance. And Magnaflow is just something in the middle of these two. So, when you choose one you have to consider what you prefer the most. 

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  1. Great Information and explanation; short, brief and to the point. I went to my muffler service provider and selected the Borla muffler mainly for sound as I didn’t want to wake my neighbor’s when starting.
    Thanks for the comparisons of the three manufactures.




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