Toyo Open Country AT3 vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W: Who wins?

Are you in search of some all-terrain tires so you can go for regular driving as well as off trails? When you come across a lot of options for these tires two names seem to be quite popular among them. 

One is Toyo Open Country AT3 and the other is Falken Wildpeak AT3W. To help you out choosing among these two we bring this in-depth guide. By the end of this, you will know which one will suit your needs the most. 

Let’s get going.

Toyo Open Country AT3 Review 

So, first, let’s take a look at all the features and specifications of the Toyo open country A/T3. 

The Design 

For any tire you buy design is a crucial factor that plays a big role in the performance. This tire comes with a design that focuses more on wet and snowy roads. The compound they use in this one provides better performance in rain and snow. 

You will see the void distribution in the tire is pretty evenly spaced. That is very helpful for not chunking or wearing the tires out too much. 

The tread pattern on this tire is S shape right in the middle. This makes it a great tire for highways if you want to ride quietly. These also help in getting a better grip as they put more rubber on the road. 

Worried about mud? Well, the shoulder lugs on this are large enough to give you exceptional grip on such conditions. 

Features to Look at 

It comes with the following features that might intrigue your interest-

  • With the new tread design and compound along with shoulder lugs, you get great off-road traction. 
  • Because of the even distribution in the void area, you will get great stability and handling with the tires. 
  • It comes with excellent rigidity in the tread blocks. 
  • Some added lateral grooves in the tire make it get good traction on all kinds of surfaces. 
  • Performs significantly better in snowy or wet conditions. 
  • You don’t have to worry about premature or untimely wear on these tires. 
  • The wear on the tire is even throughout the process.  
  • The pattern and tread compound make this much quieter than other tires. 
  • With the stone ejecting block you can remove any stone stuck in the tire without any trouble.

All in all, the performance you get from this tire will simply elevate your experience with your car. You will love how your car moves once you get these tires on them.  


Here are some common questions we found regarding Tokyo Open County AT3-

What load range is Toyo Open Country AT3?

Answer:  Depending on the sizes the load range on Tokyo Open Country AT3 can go from SL to F rating. With the lowest size, the range is the max of C. 

What ply is the Toyo Open Country AT3?

Answer:     Well, you can get a variety of Ply in the Tokyo open country AT 3. You can go for the typical E series with 10 ply which is a popular choice. There is also an option for going 12 plies or the F series. 

Are Toyo Open Country AT3 tires quiet?

Answer:     In comparison, the Tokyo Open Country AT3 tires are much quieter than other off-road tires. It has a mild road noise that you still get to hear but it’s not that loud. 

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Review

Let’s get into the details of Falken Wildpeak AT3W and see why it’s worth exploring. 

The Design

Right of the bat, you will notice an aggressive tread pattern on this tire. It comes with a pattern that truly signifies what an all-terrain tire should look like.

The tire compound is a rugged material that is sure to hold off the premature wearing of the tire. It is made to exceed the performance expectation anyone will have with the tires. 

It comes with a technology that keeps the shoulders interlocked so they can be resistant to wear especially in high torque. This means you can go full speed without having to worry about wearing your tires. 

And with the step-down feature on the tire, you get excellent rigidity in the tread pattern. This in turn increases the handling and stability factor of the tire. 

Features to look at 

The following features make this tire a solid deal to grasp on- 

  • It comes with a sidewall that provides a great heat shield for the internal parts of the tire. 
  • Another heat diffuser technology on the tire helps in dispersing the heat which saves the internal components from any heat damage. 
  • With the implementation of 3D canyon sipe technology, this tire becomes resistant to wears even in high-torque conditions. 
  • The tire is great for handling and stability in rough terrains through the use of a rigid tread pattern. 
  • This is a great tire for driving on wet and snowy surfaces without having to worry too much. 
  • It features a deep tread design that makes it a great option for driving in snowy conditions. 
  • Whether you are driving off-road or on-road, you get phenomenal traction from this tire because of the tread pattern and compound. 
  • The tire compound and pattern are proven to give this resistance to wear for a long time. 
  • As far as noise is concerned it makes just the road sound you would expect from an all-terrain tire. 


Here are some popular questions people have regarding Falken Wildpeak AT3W-

How much are Falken Wildpeak AT tires?

Answer:  These tires can cost you from somewhere around $190 to $450 depending on the sizes, ply rating, and load range. 

What ply is Falken Wildpeak AT3W?

Answer:  On a Falken Wildpeak AT3W you can expect to see a ply range from 4 to 10. This mostly depends on the size you are looking for

Where are Falken Wildpeak at3 tires made?

Answer:  Falken tires are made in Sumitomo Rubber company which is the parent company for the tires. They usually come from Japan, Germany, California, etc. 

Which tire is Good for what/whom?

Well, comparing these two will be very hard because none of them lack quality. In terms of performance, both are equally good. Coming to the tread patterns one has got deep treads while the other one comes with an S shape. But both of them perform well on all kinds of surfaces. 

Also, the tread wear on both these tires is long-lasting and excellent. So, you can’t differentiate between the two of them. 

However, Toyo tires seem to be performing great on muddy surfaces whereas Falken wasn’t the best in that scenario. On the other hand, Falken comes with better performance than Toyo in snowy and wet conditions. They are severe weather rated whereas Toyo isn’t. 

Also, Toyo has a higher range of ply rating than Falken, so if you need to go for that you can make your choice very easily. 

So, for anyone more likely to drive on a muddy road Toyo is a better choice. But an overall good choice will be Falken. 


In short, there is no clear winner between these two. It will come down to your needs and preferences when you are choosing among them. Because in terms of quality, performance, durability, and features none of them lack at all. They both are great all-terrain tires that you can get for your vehicle. 

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