Ford Car Common Problems [with Solutions]

No one in this entire world can deny that Ford is a brand that comes up with some of the best cars. One of their top-tier and most popular car to date has to be the Ford F-150 truck. Because of its excellent performance and wide availability, it has climbed up the ranks quite a lot. 

However, there are some common problems that many people face with this truck. Here, we will be going through some of the common ford car problems and providing the solution for them. So, stay with us till the end to get the best out of your F-150. 

Ford Car common problems with Fixes 

Here are some of the most common and usual problems. You may come across these with your Ford F-150 and fix yourself. 

How to fix the ford f150 alarm that keeps going off?

A common problem is the F-150 anti-theft alarm going off on its own. This can be troublesome for both you and the people surrounding you. 

Signs of a car alarm going off on its own- 

  • Your car alarm will not work properly and malfunction at times.
  • Whenever you are locking or unlocking the door, the locking mechanism will malfunction. This is a cause for the car alarm to go off. 
  • There might be corrosion or rust on the battery terminals. 
  • A dead battery can also cause this issue.
  • Faulty connection with the control unit is a major reason for the problem.  


Not to worry here, you can go through some solutions for this problem. Here they are- 

  • The first thing to do is checking your key FOB. If there are issues with that or it has a dead battery, you can easily fix this problem by fixing the key. 
  • Then try troubleshooting the battery for any issues with that. 
  • Check the control unit for any wiring issues. 
  • Lastly, go through the door mechanism and see if it has any issues or not. You have to remove the door panel to fix this issue. 

Aside from these, you can replace the car alarm and get a new one if the alarm itself is faulty. 

How to fix ford f150 interior lights won’t turn off?

You will often get in your car and see the interior lights aren’t just turning off. That can happen from many simple reasons as well as some complex reasons. 

Signs of interior lights not turning off 

  • Technically, your interior lights should light up only when you open the doors. Or you turn them on manually. If it’s not any of them, then there are some issues. 
  • Sometimes the lights will turn on all of a sudden, now that can happen from loose wiring. 
  • If there is water on the pano, then the lights may start malfunctioning and not turn off. 
  • And a silly mistake you can come across is keeping the dial that controls the light to the on position and forget about that. 


The solutions to this problem are very simple. 

  • Check up on the dial and see if it’s in the brightest position or the dimmed position. Based on the position, you can turn the light on or off. 
  • Next up is checking all the wiring, including the door connection. You can fix any loose wiring to this to solve the issues. 
  • Try checking up on the pano to see if there is or was water there. Making it dry or cleaning up the water can solve the problem. 

How to fix ford f150 tail lights not working?

It’s pretty straightforward to understand that your tail lights not working can be a major issue. It can cause you problems, as well as people driving around you, maybe at risk. 

Signs of a tail light not working 

  • There are no simple signs of a faulty tail light; you will see them not working right before your eyes. 
  • Also, the indicator for your tail lights should start blinking if there are any issues with the lights. 


  • One of the most crucial reasons for tail lights not working is a blown a fuse. You can fix the issue by replacing the blown fuse with a new one. There are many fuse boxes in your car; you will particularly need to look for the one beneath the passenger cabin. It should be on the left of the steering column. Just replace the fuse with a fuse of the same amperage. 
  • Another reason for tail light failure is a burnt bulb. You can tell that through inspection of the filament of your bulb. This is also very simple to solve; just replace the bulb with a new one. 
  • A bad relay is can also cause your tail lights not to work properly. You can check the wiring between the lights and battery and fix the issue. 

How to fix ford sync voice commands not working?

This is a common problem that can occur to your F-150, which just disables any voice commands. You will see your Bluetooth voice commands aren’t working at all. 

Signs of voice commands are not working. 

  • Whenever you put a voice command, it will fail to register. 
  • You may see some errors on the screen if there is any hardware issue. 
  • If this happens suddenly after a SYNC update, then it’s most probably an issue with the software. 
  • You won’t be able to use the commands even in the menu screens via pairing your phone. 


  • The first thing you can try here is resetting the SYNC software to the default settings. 
  • Try going for a master reset from the menus; this will erase all your data and preferences for the software. It can be troublesome. 
  • You can try reinstalling the SYNC update to see if it works or not. 
  • If none of that works out, you will have to pull out the SYNC fuse from the fuse box and put it back again; that should fix your issue with the voice commands. 
  • You can try disc
  • CConnecting the battery and reconnect again to solve the issue. But that should be your last resort. 

However, if pulling the fuse doesn’t work out either, you may need to contact the dealership to get a fix to the problem.

How to fix ford f150 shuts off while driving?

One of the most disturbing issues you can encounter with the Ford F150 is the sudden shutting off of your engine while driving. This can be deadly at times. 

Signs of shutting off while driving 

  • You may have issues with your driving; the engine may malfunction and not work properly. 
  • You will feel the car bumping every once in a while. 
  • While driving, you may experience poor performance from the engine. 


  • An obvious cause of the problem is an empty fuel tank, and you know how to solve this one. 
  • Another issue can be with the fuel pump. A bad fuel pump causes your car to shut off suddenly. You can solve this issue by replacing the fuel pump with a new one. 
  • You can also check if the fuel filter is working properly or not. Clogged fuel filters will cause this problem too. Cleaning the filter or replacing them should solve the problem.
  • Suppose there is no fuel pump or filter; move on to the battery cables and check for their connection. Any corrosion or rust may prevent a proper connection which causes the car to stop running. 
  • A bad alternator can also be a reason for the sudden shutdown. As it supplies the power to keep your car running, you may need to change the alternator completely to fix your issue. 

How to fix ford f150 dash lights not working?

A typical problem for a Ford F150 is the malfunctioning of lights. Among them, the dash lights not working at times is pretty common. Sometimes it may tinker or blink too. 

Signs of the dash lights not working 

  • The lights will sometimes blink and go off. 
  • Lights may completely stop working at some point. 


  • A reason for this problem can be a faulty blown-out fuse. All you have to do is check up on the fuse box placed under the driver’s side dashboard. Check on your manual to see how to open it. Once you open that, you only have to replace the fuse with a new one. 
  • Another issue can be with the wiring. For that, you have to get under the dashboard and look for any wiring issues, which you should fix with ease. Make sure there is power going from the switch to the lights properly; otherwise, it won’t work. 

If these don’t work out, you may need to get professional help to solve this issue. 

How to fix ford f150 rear door won’t open?

Sometimes the rear doors of your Ford F150 can get stuck and won’t open whatsoever. This can be troublesome and may cost a lot of money to fix through professionals. 

Signs of the door not opening 

  • You will see the signs of your door issues way before this happens. If your doors are not closing or opening properly, they may have an issue. 
  • You have to opt for manually opening your door most of the time. This can be a sign-to-door issue as well. 


  • A reason for this problem is the issue with the actuator. If your lock actuator is jammed or broken, then the door won’t open. You can try freeing up the lock actuator; you can use a WD40 spray, which is quite effective.  
  • Another reason is the lock can get stuck in the locked state and not move at all. In that case, you can try reaching the latch inside your door and fix the issue. 

If none of these works out, you may have to opt for the dealership fix. It can cost you somewhere around 400 to 500 if you don’t have a warranty. 


All in all, regardless of all these petty problems, the Ford F150 is an amazing truck. The performance, power, and quality you get from this car can overweigh all these issues with ease. 

So, if you are considering getting a Ford F150, you can very well go for it. And if you already have an F150, then we hope this helped you in some way. 

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