Where are Goodyear Tires made? – [Cool Facts]

Whenever you are getting new top-quality tires, Goodyear is a brand you may come across very often. It’s a popular brand that produces high-quality tires for various types of vehicles. So, these are worth checking out.

Here, we will go through everything you need to know about Goodyear tires. This will give you a distinct idea of what they truly are if you didn’t know already. Let’s hop in without wasting your time too much.

Where are Goodyear tires made?

This may seem like a pretty general question, but it has a lot of impact on tires because the best quality of tires is usually made in the USA.

Most of the Goodyear tires are manufactured in the USA. However, it’s not the only manufacturing plant for Goodyear. They have plants in 21 different countries in the world. And there is a total of 48 facilities spread across those 21 countries.

Although the brand origin is from the USA, that doesn’t necessarily mean all their tires are made in the USA. You can find different varieties from Canada, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Colombia, Taiwan, India, and many other countries.

So, how do you find which tires are made in the USA? To find out Goodyear tires are made in the USA, the manufacturers provide a TIN or tire identification number on every tire they sell. This is done in all their tire plants.

You can find what TIN code refers to what region on their website. Each plant has its unique code. Even the plants in the USA have their distinct code for each region.

Are Goodyear Tires any good?

When it comes to the trustworthiness of a brand, Goodyear has got it covered very well. People trust their lives on these tires because of their quality and safety measures. Even though it started in the USA, it has become a trusted tire brand throughout the world.

The most valuable factor for trust is the durability of the tires. These tires are so good with durability that they are the most preferred tires for NASCAR. Even with a 200MPH speed, these tires can hold up to the fight very well.

And it’s not just words for Goodyear. They have gone through several tests of durability by Consumer reports. They received a lot of affirmation in the treadwear test there. So, when it comes to Goodyear tires, you get exception wear throughout the years.

Aside from that, their grip and response make them a safe choice to put in your car. When you add the different options you get alongside that; you get a perfect tire brand.

Considering everything here, Goodyear tires are maybe even too good at certain points.

Who makes Goodyear tires?

Only the Goodyear tire and rubber company currently make Goodyear tires. They have 48 plants of their own from where they manufacture their tires. They have several other subsidiaries, but those subsidiaries aren’t allowed to make Goodyear tires.

You can only get Goodyear tires from the authorized Goodyear tire and rubber company stores. Always make sure to check if the manufacturer is a Goodyear tire and rubber company or not.

About the manufacturer

Goodyear tire and rubber company are a tire manufacturing company that has been making tires since 1898. Frank Seiberling is the founder of this company. He started with this company in Akron, Ohio.

They are well known for their highly durable tires, which come with great grip and traction. Due to their high-quality tires, they became the most proficient tire supplier for Formula One racing. At some point, they got out of that sports scene.

Their popularity rose once again when they became the sole tire supplier for NASCAR racing. Their best quality tires are usually manufactured in the USA.

There are 48 different Goodyear tire plants in 21 countries across the globe. They are the first American tire company who entered the Chinese market with their tires. So, their popularity isn’t limited to the USA only. They also have some popular subsidiaries like Cooper tire and rubber company, Dunlop tires, The Kelly Springfield tire company, etc.

In terms of tire options, you get a lot of them in Goodyear tires. At one point, they started with bicycle tires as well. Currently, they manufacture aircraft tires, commercial tires, passenger car tires, motorcycle tires, and truck tires. You can get them from any US-based plant of Goodyear tire and rubber company.

Right now, the headquarter for Goodyear tire and rubber company is in Akron, Ohio, where it all began for them.


Here are some questions people frequently ask about Goodyear tires-

How long do Goodyear tires last?

  • Even though there is no concrete number, you can put it here. But with typical daily driving along with proper maintenance, these tires can last up to 4 years. However, if you have rides on rough roads, then they may last for 2 to 3 years.

What month is best to buy tires?

  • This may vary based on where you live. But in general, April and October are considered to be the best time to buy tires. Because April comes right before the vacation season, so travel becomes a big part of vacations. It’s wise to buy tires then as a safety backup. And October is preferable for snow tires, and stay prepared for snowy roads.

What does Goodyear installation include?

  • In a Goodyear installation you get, tire mounting, installing, and tire balancing. Also, they make sure to do a thorough wheel inspection to ensure safety.

When should I replace my Goodyear tires?

  • You should change your tires when the tire tread wears out to 1.6mm depth; also, if you notice the wear on the tires is uneven, you should change them. Lower tire pressure is also an indication for tire replacement.

Who sells Goodyear Tires in the USA and Canada?

  • Goodyear has several shops in different locations in the USA. Typically, Midas store branches have authorization for selling original Goodyear tires besides their shops. In Canada, you can find Midas stores that sell Goodyear tires.

Final words

All in all, you can always rely on Goodyear tires for your car or truck. They have the quality that you can trust on without any second thoughts. Especially, if you can get the Goodyear tires made in the USA, you will end up with the best quality.

As for other places, you still get the classic grip, traction, and great wear in your tires. So, you don’t need to worry too much about that either.

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