Who makes DieHard Batteries? – Surprising Facts

When it comes to getting batteries for your vehicles, a popular name to pop up is Diehard batteries. DieHard is a renowned brand for manufacturing automotive batteries. They are known for their quality batteries that perform very well with a variety of engines and cars. 

Here, we will go through everything you need to know about DieHard batteries. Starting from who makes them to the best models. So, if you are wondering about DieHard batteries, stick to this till the end. 

Are DieHard batteries any good?

We don’t want to waste your time with unnecessary information; that’s why first, you must know if DieHard batteries will do any good to you. 

To answer you, yes, they are worth it. With DieHard batteries, you get reliability, effectiveness, value, durability, and a satisfying experience overall. In addition, these batteries last for quite a long time and provide you with excellent performance throughout that period. 

The batteries are usually very easy to install, which can help you a lot. As you don’t have to rely on professionals to do that job, you can do it on your own. 

These batteries also come at a reasonable price. So, they are pocket-friendly, and you wouldn’t have to spend too much money for some good quality battery that can last long. You get a complete package with DieHard batteries. 

As you can see, these batteries are surely good for your car and may even be the best you can get out there. 

Who makes DieHard batteries?

Initially, Sears Roebuck Company used to make Diehard batteries. They began their journey with it in 1967. However, in 2019 Sears sold the brand to Advance Auto Parts. 

Sears was known to sell DieHard batteries for the longest time. Once they vanished, many people thought DieHard batteries also went off, but that wasn’t the case. Later on, Johnson Controls bought the manufacturing rights of DieHard batteries. 

Currently, Clarios LLC is the one who is manufacturing DieHArd batteries. They are also known for manufacturers of brands like Duralast, AC Delco, Varta, etc. They are still keeping the value that DieHard battery had for being durable and affordable.

Top models of DieHard Batteries

We found the following two DieHard batteries to be the best choice among their line of quality batteries. 

#1 DieHard 38217 Group Advanced Gold AGM Battery

If you want to start up your car in the easiest way possible, this battery can help you get that. This one makes sure you get to start your car very easily without having to struggle after it. 

The battery’s exterior comes with a calcium-lead alloy grid, which helps prevent all the life robbing adversities from the battery terminals. This eventually makes this battery last way longer than you would expect. 

You can crank up an Amp of 850 with ease. Now, this is great for a car that has to run every day because of that kind of power. This one can also power up your electronic appliances like bulbs, television, fans, and so forth. 

Lastly, this one has a charge storing capacity of 170 minutes with a 25 Amp discharge, making this a reliable choice to go with most cars out there. 

#2 DieHard 38232 Group Advanced Gold AGM Battery

Whether you have an off-road vehicle or an on-road vehicle, this is a great choice to go with. This is a great car battery for those who don’t have to use their car regularly because of the low maintenance it requires. 

Coming to the durability factor of this battery, you get excellent results from it. It gives you 2 times the lifetime of a regular lead-acid battery. 

The extreme vibrator protection makes it much more durable and guards the performance for a longer period. And to top things off, there is a spill-proof design that will always provide some extra protection. 

Along with all that, it has got a 55 AH rating and 120 min of RC, making this one a powerful choice. On top of that, the 3-year warranty on the battery makes this more appealing and attractive to people.

About the Manufacturer

 The journey of DieHard batteries began in the hands of Sears in 1967. After 9 months of extensive research and thousands of dollars, they came up with the most reliable, durable, and powerful batteries for automotive. 

They revolutionized the concept of maintenance-free quality batteries at a reasonable price. It all began in 1976 when they brought out the 12-volt batteries for cars and trucks that didn’t require any water filling maintenance after every one or two weeks. Then, in 1983, a new range of DieHard batteries came out for motorcycles, specifically for Harley Davidson. 

Later on, with the introduction of DieHard gold AGM batteries, Sears surpassed their batteries in performance and quality. From there on began the new era of DieHard batteries. 

The manufacturers’ commitment is to provide top-quality batteries that will last longer than usual and come at a reasonable price. This is because they want to satisfy their customers more than anything else, which they thrive on all the time. 

Advance auto parts are the ones who are running DieHard batteries after buying them from Sears. However, the manufacturing quality and process haven’t changed one bit. So, they still come with all the features they initially had with DieHard batteries. But, just with time and technological advancement, things are getting better.


Here are some common questions you may also have regarding DieHard batteries-

Q 1: How long do DieHard batteries last? 

Answer:   On average, a DieHard battery can last up to three years. It also comes with a three years warranty, so you can assume it will last that long. Sometimes it may last even longer than that. 

Q 2: For what kind of use can I use DieHard Batteries? 

Answer:    You can essentially use DieHard batteries like car batteries. Besides that, you can use them on battery chargers, electric appliances, power inverters, power tools, etc. 

Q 3: Are DieHard batteries made in the USA? 

Answer:    Yes, currently, DieHard batteries are made in the USA through Advance Auto parts company. 

Q 3: Who honors diehard battery warranty? 

Answer:   Advance Auto Parts will honor the battery warranty if you get the battery from any authorized retailer. You have to have proof of the sale from the seller to get the warranty. 

Q 3: Who sells DieHard batteries in the USA?

Answer:   Any Advance auto part chain can sell DieHard batteries as authorized sellers. Aside from that, you get these batteries from Sears and Kmart stores as well. 

Q 3: Who sells DieHard batteries in Canada?

Answer:   You can get DieHard batteries in Advanced Auto Stores in Canada. Aside from that, you can go for Amazon as well. 


To sum it up, getting the best car battery becomes much easier when you opt for Die Hard batteries. And now that you know a bit about them, going through a little more research will get you the best results for your search for quality batteries. 

One thing you can be sure of is the quality, reliability, and performance will be second to none for the price you pay for these batteries. 

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