Who makes Ironman Tires? – Did You Know!

Whenever you are in search of some quality tires, many options may come into your sight. One of the most prominent options is Ironman tires. There is no doubt about the quality of these tires as they are widely popular among many people around the world. 

We won’t be sinking into that much. What we will be discussing here, is all about ironman tires who makes them, and if they are any good or not. So, let’s get going. 

Who makes Ironman tires?

Ironman tires is a sub-division of two companies. One is Hercules tire who themselves make tires separately with that name. And the other one is Rubber CO, from Findlay, Ohio. Another name that pops up in the US tire industry is Cooper tire which is also responsible for manufacturing ironman tires. 

Cooper tire and rubber is like an empire in the US that has control over 60+ operations worldwide. They are part of the design, sales, manufacture, production, and so forth. They have ties to brands like Avon Tires, Roadmaster tires, StarFire tires, Mickey Thompson, etc. 

So, if you pull all the strings together then you can Ironman tires are a part of Cooper tires in the US division. They provide tires for light trucks, SUVs, passenger cars that are capable of smooth on-road performance, some off trails, and some all-terrain tires. But in general, you can say that Ironman tires are a significant part of Hercules tires and Rubber Co. 

Are Ironman tires any good?

This is a topic that is relative to how you look at it. Ironman tires are very much affordable which makes them a great option for everyone. Now, if you are looking for the quality and performance of a premium tire at these prices, then you might have to modify your demand from Ironman Tires. 

So, does that mean Ironman tires do not worth it? Well, no, these tires are still of great quality along with that reasonable price. You can get a tread life of 40,000 miles with ease on these tires. As for durability, they will last long enough and perform decently during that period. 

Top 2 popular models of Ironman Tires

If you want to try out Ironman tires then you can go for the following options. These two are currently the most popular Ironman tires, however, there are plenty of other options that you can find. 

#1 Ironman RB-12 Review

If you are in search of some quality tires for wet and snowy surfaces then this is the tire you need. Of course, you get the affordability factor that Ironman provides besides that you get to enjoy great traction even on the most slippery surfaces. With this all-weather tire, you won’t have to worry about any unforeseen weather conditions that may come across. 

The tires wear extremely well which is always a great thing to have in your tires. The performance you get from the tires is super satisfying and you wouldn’t have any complaints with the tires whatsoever. 

With the symmetric tread pattern, you can expect a large footprint that is also stable throughout. Along with that, the variability in the tread design ensures you the smoothest ride possible. And no need to worry about annoying road noises when you have these tires in your car. 

Having the slotted shoulders and wide tread grooves gives these tires the perfect traction on wet surfaces. These are also helpful for preventing any kind of hydroplaning on your tires at all.

As far as protection goes, you will get a replacement for your tires if they somehow suffer damage from the road within the normal wear duration. However, that is subjective to the size of the tire you get. This protection policy works for 2 years so within this period you won’t have to worry about the cost of any road damage. 

All in all, if you need some budget all-weather tires then this is the option for you. They come with quality performance and great protection as well. 

#2 Ironman All country A/T Review

Looking for some quality all-terrain tires for your truck? Well, you can find a lot of affordable options from Ironman tires. We, however, will be discussing the Ironman All country A/T because of its top-notch performance on every surface it goes. Whether it’s on-road or off-road you get satisfying performance every time. 

The tread pattern on the tires features excellent traction in muddy, rainy, and even snowy surfaces. So, you will never have to think twice before driving your car in any conditions as this one works in all states quite proficiently. The deep grooves on the tires along with the large tread block give these tires an admirable grip. 

Coming to the tread compound you will love what you get. The tread compound is built for strength that gives the tires a longer life and capabilities of excellent grip. So, not only the pattern is suitable for grip but also the compound supports grip hence you get the most powerful grip and traction from these tires. 

The buttress design on the tires is something of an added feature that you will love. They are great for protection against any kind of road hazards whatsoever. 

Speaking of protection, you get the same road hazard protection on these tires as well. It’s a signature protection policy from Ironman Tires. Under this policy, you will get a replacement of your tires if they get damaged within the normal wear duration. However, that has to happen in normal driving conditions and nothing too extraordinary. 


How much is a set of Ironman tires? 

A-    Depending on the model and size a set of Ironman tires can go from somewhere around $30 to $300 at max. 

Are Ironman tires made by Cooper? 

A-    Ironman tires aren’t directly under Cooper. Ironman tires are made by Hercules tires which are owned by Cooper. So, in a way you can say Ironman tires are a part of Cooper. 

Do ironman tires have a warranty? 

A-    Yes, they call it road hazard protection. This protection lasts for 2 years under normal driving conditions. 

Where are ironman tires manufactured? 

A-    Some Ironman tires are manufactured in the Cooper facility that is situated in Ohio, USA. But most of the tires are made in China and imported back in the USA. 

How long do Iron Man tires last?

A-    Ironman tires can last up to 40,000 miles. And some of them can go up an extra 50,000 at times. The average lifetime of tires in the industry is 50,000. Miles. 

Final Words

In short, knowing who makes Ironman tires can help you learn the value of the company. Cooper is already responsible for many great companies. Since they are also controlling Ironman tires you can expect good quality from these tires for sure. 

The use of this subsidiary is providing a solution for a set of people who look for affordable tires that come with quality. In this case, Ironman does that job exceptionally well, while other brands under Cooper are more on the premium side of making tires.

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